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*now accepting applications--limited space*

For the creative being

who feels alone.

For the artist who is tired

of feeling insecure,


who is exhausted by hard work

without results,


who is ready

to demonstrate commitment to your work,

to be professional,

regardless of your vocation.

For the artist who feels unclear

about what the next steps are or how to take them.

For the artist who has lived with fear

long enough,

who is ready to MAKE THE THING 

and grow

in confidence.

For the one who has lacked accountability

and knows that loving community and mentors

could change your life.

For anyone who wants to have

what you've never had before...


you've got to do something

you've never done before.

For the one who is passionate about creating,

wears many hats

and creates beautiful things

in slim margins. 

For the ARTIST AND...

Elia Giuliani, Ohio

Because of the Mastermind, I am more connected to the creative community and have found great belonging. I am more grounded in my craft and passion, and I am 100% more confident because of it. Because of Mastermind I feel like I can own my creativity and say: I am a creative, and I do creative work.

ARTIST AND serves artists with a unique blend of professionalism and intimacy.


We believe in excellence, and we believe our most excellent work comes when we are most connected to our own authentic voice and to authentic community. And we believe that in the process of growing as artists, we always grow as human beings and thus see growth in the other areas of our lives and relationships.


Our vision for the Mastermind and the Songwriter Community includes creating an intimate space for artists to explore both.


The ARTIST AND CREATIVE MASTERMIND is a place for up to nine committed artists of all kinds to connect and share--resources, ideas, growth and goals.


In good company, you will move in the direction of your unique vision, whether that's by completing a major project or reaching smaller milestones in your craft.


We believe that building relationships beyond one's own art form not only connects us with potential collaborators and resources, but also opens our minds to new ideas on all fronts and offers unimaginable opportunity for expansion.

Our SONGWRITER COMMUNITY provides additional support specific to intermediate to advanced-level songwriters within our Mastermind. (Beginning level songwriters who are current members of our Mastermind are welcome to participate in our monthly Saturday morning Song Circle at no additional cost)


Songwriters will experience the connection, accountability and resource-sharing of the Creative Mastermind PLUS participate in opportunities for growth and guidance in the realm of writing & sharing original music.

In order to curate the best possible experience for all, membership in the Creative Mastermind + Songwriters Community is determined by application.

Keep scrolling for the details! 



  • Membership in a curated community of committed artists 

  • Monthly Mindset Workshop w/ Christa Wells

  • Monthly Vision Group for accountability & support (depending on group size, Mindset & Vision groups may be scheduled for the same night)

  • Private Voxer group (weekly check-in from leadership)

  • Free membership to the CW Song Circle for the year

  • Three 45-min coaching sessions w/Christa Wells 

  • End of program 30-min Instagram livestream feature of YOU + YOUR WORK 

  • End of Year IN-PERSON Feast & Share gathering in Nashville, Tennessee (evening meal, desserts & drinks provided, transportation & lodging not included)

  • An invitation to continue growing and being supported within the MasterGrads community (currently meeting monthly via Zoom)


Feb-Oct 2024  

Welcome Gathering - January 29, 2024, 5-:45pm CST

Mindset Mondays* - Every 1st Monday, 7pm CST (where holidays fall on a Monday, we will meet the following Monday

Vision Groups** - Every 3rd Monday if group is larger than six members; otherwise, on 1st Mondays following Mindset Mtg

End of Year Feast & Share - October 26, 5-10pm CST in Nashville

IG Live Interviews - To be scheduled Monday lunch hours during October


*Mindset Monday is a time for us to address key issues faced by most artists (see list below). Through writing prompts, conversation and interactive exercises, we invite new ways of thinking and acquire tools to move through these potential blocks. See themes list below.

**Vision Groups offer a time to spotlight each artist individually and check in on what you’ve been creating, celebrate the steps you’ve taken and hear what you intend to do next. It’s also a time to get brainstorming support or feedback from the group if needed.

Note: Although we do our utmost to avoid schedule changes, it's reasonable to expect there may be unavoidable adjustments over the course of the program. Meeting recordings available when requested in advance.


MINDSET TOPICS (not necessarily in this order):

  • Self-Awareness & Vulnerability in Community

  • Courage, Confidence + Competence

  • Your Mission Statement: Knowing Your Why

  • Finding Your Creative Voice

  • Feeling Through Failure

  • Opting Out of the Comparison Game

  • The Art of Collaboration 

  • Art as Hospitality


An application fee of $50 will be collected with your application. That fee will apply to your membership if approved. Full payment or first monthly payment are due Jan 17. 

Pay In Full - $2111 (minus application fee)


Monthly -  $253 (nine installments, minus application fee) 


Membership in our Songwriter Community offers all the benefits of the Creative Mastermind PLUS opportunities specific to the needs of dedicated intermediate level songwriters.

INCLUDES (in addition to basic Mastermind benefits):

  • Creative Mastermind Membership (see above) PLUS...

  • Monthly Cowrites  (with other members as well as past members in assigned groupings, to be accomplished according to the schedules of collaborators) or Writing Prompt Assignments

  • Monthly Songwriting Masterclass with Nicole Witt--offering song feedback and instruction on aspects of the craft

  • Three 45-min Private Coaching Sessions with Nicole Witt


Songwriting Masterclass - 4th Monday each month, Feb-Oct, 7-8:30pm CST

Co-Writes - Scheduled independently amongst assigned cowriters

*Although we do our utmost to avoid schedule changes, it's reasonable to expect there may be unavoidable adjustments over the course of the program. Meeting recordings will be available when requested in advance.


  • The Dance of Cowriting

  • Writing Compelling Lyrics for Verses + Choruses

  • Choosing Chords, Tempo + Vibe 

  • Writing Singable, Memorable + Hooky Melodies 

  • Writing a Great Chorus

  • Building a Bridge (+ How To Know If You Need One)

  • You've Written a Great Song--What To Do Next

  • Recording a Solid Demo

  • Music Industry: Publishing, PROs, Pitching, Licensing...What Does It All Mean?

  • A One-Year Plan

ONE-TIME INVESTMENT (includes Mastermind + Songwriter Community combined):

An application fee of $50 will be collected with your application. That fee will apply to your membership if approved. Full payment or first monthly payment will be due Jan 17. 

Pay In Full - $2999 (total cost of Mastermind + Songwriter Community)


Monthly -  $360 (nine installments minus application fee)

Still not sure if the Mastermind is your next right step? We're here to help:

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