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For beginner-Intermediate songwriters

Since intermediate-advanced level songwriters have the option of joining our Mastermind Songwriter Community and attending our annual Songwriters Retreat in Muscle Shoals, we wanted to create a space to support the growth of newer songwriters. 

If you're not quite ready for the more advanced community gatherings, consider growing your songwriting skills with Christa via her Patreon Song Circle. (Note: Artists who are current members of our Creative Mastermind receive automatic membership in the Song Circle)

Through the Song Circle, you'll enjoy:

  • Monthly 90min-2hr seminar/workshop, the first Saturday morning of each month (some exceptions apply)

  • Automatic access to Fundamentals of Songwriting seminar recordings (currently four parts)

  • A monthly songwriting prompt

  • Membership in a private Song Circle FB group where you can share the songs you write in response to prompts

  • All the other perks enjoyed by Christa's Patreon Community such as monthly original song worktapes, cover songs, private Zoom gatherings, private blogs, artist journals and more


Drop in for our next session!


On January 6, we welcome guest artist Nicole Witt to offer insight on how to take a GOOD song and make it GREAT. It's called "The Last Ten Percent" and it's all about the editing and revising part of the songwriting process. Bring a song you'd like to workshop live with Nicole; the first five registrants will be guaranteed to have their song heard.

Drop-In Passes are $35. An email with meeting details will be sent to you prior to the session date. Tap the "Buy Now" button below to purchase your single session pass, and we'll see you there!

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