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Need some support for your creative practice in any of the following areas? We truly believe our Creative Mastermind offers the most bang for your buck and have designed it specifically to meet differentiated needs along with the need for community and the insights gained from group work.


However, we do also offer a limited number of one-on-one coaching opportunities throughout the year. 

Meet with Christa or Nicole one-on-one via Zoom, hear about you and your work, and see how we can help you move in the direction of your vision.

Tap below to learn more about our individual work & see if we might be a good fit for your needs:

Nicole Witt - Songwriting, Recording Project Planning, Indie Artist Coaching

Christa Wells - Creative Mindset, Creative Process & Path, Songwriting


Session Rates Per 50-min Session:


Single Session - $175

Three Sessions* - $150 each

Five Sessions* - $125 each


*Invoices are sent per session and will reflect the previous rate until the minimum for discounted rates are met (for example, three sessions will be billed at 175/175/100 for an avg cost of $150 per session)

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