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Are you a creative being who loves to be regularly inspired and connected with other creatives? Do you find you create more consistently when you have people to share your vision, and challenges, with? 


JOIN US for our brand new online creative visioning group, facilitated on the second Monday of every month by graduated Mastermind Members, Kristen Budde and Ashley Sykes supported by founders Christa Wells & Nicole Witt.

The format is simple but powerful. Each Second Monday session will begin at 7pm CST with a creative prompt or activity to awaken our imaginations and connect us in the special way only artful expression does. The second half of each session will be designated for vision sharing, with each member having the chance to be heard: 

  • What creative vision for your life or work are you holding right now?

  • What "wins" can we celebrate with you from the last month? Courageous acts, completion of projects, sharing of work...?

  • What is challenging you right now in your creative journey?

  • What intentions do you have for the upcoming weeks?


Invest in a 2024 Season Pass for just $15/month or individual drop-in passes can be purchased for $25 each.

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