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Unlock Your Creativity - Join the ARTIST AND Community

The virtual songwriting retreat was the most empowering artistic experience of my life.

-May 2020 Guest


Christa creates a loving safe container for the artist to truly explore song writing, collaboration and performance from our deep, vulnerable and authentic selves.

I always feel truly seen and connected

in her circle.

-Winter 2020 Guest

our 2024 CREATIVE MASTERMIND IS enrolling now. join us for a year of empowerment & growth!

Do you have a passion to create but suffer from lack of accountability, community & guidance? Learn more about the beautiful benefits of membership in the Artist And Creative Mastermind!


Christa Wells knows how it feels to try to make your art without the support of creative community. She understands firsthand that artists can thrive and even prosper when given the right tools and consistent encouragement.

That's why she and fellow singer-songwriter Nicole Witt founded Artist And with a commitment to creating spaces where artists of all kinds (vocational or not) are seen, heard and empowered to keep making and sharing their unique voice with the world.

As a parent, songwriter, leader, creative coach, author, university instructor, and community-member, Christa realized many artists wear multiple hats--we are "Artists AND" many other things. When our inner artist is silenced and under-prioritized, it can take a toll on every other relationship. 


At ARTIST AND, our goal is to help artists of all backgrounds achieve their creative dreams. We offer an online community to connect with other creatives, as well as a variety of resources such as a 9-month mastermind, annual songwriting retreat, coaching opportunities, and inspiring prompts via Instagram. We are passionate about empowering and supporting our members, so they can continue to pursue their passions. Join us today, receive our weekly email inspiration and be part of a supportive and inspiring creative community.


How Can we Help You?

Here are a few of the ways we support our artists:

--Writing Prompts on Instagram

--Inspirational Videos on Instagram

--Free Annual New Year, Start Here Challenge

--Summer Writing Camps

--Annual Songwriters Retreat

--9-month Creative Mastermind + Songwriters Community

--Monthly Song Circle w/ Christa Wells

--Private Coaching

Sharing your voice with others is a delicate process; learning to live fully, humbly, and freely is difficult and I felt I was reminded how to claim my voice in a supportive and encouraging way; to walk my path confident in my individual path.

-Winter 2020 Guest

Christa's leadership is both encouraging and stimulating. The atmosphere quickly becomes one of safety and intimacy. Also, the grounds are comforting and the food is great!

-Winter 2020 Guest

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