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  • overwhelmed by bad news

  • unsure about the value of your own story

  • frustrated with lack of creative community

  • like you need of a creative guide

  • doubtful that there's still time to be an adventurer and try new things

  • confused about what life is trying to teach you

  • lonely or isolated

  • a sense of powerlessness 

  • sadness over staying hidden

  • insignificant

  • a longing for a creative practice

  • a loss of playfulness & possibility



We have realized a need to remember, or discover for the first time,

who we really are, 

who we were before we became afraid or ashamed,

and to become conscious choosers of our stories. 



What would it feel like to dive into story and song for a few weeks?

What would it feel like to co-write a song with professional songwriters, 

expressing what YOU most need to hear right now?



We'd love to show you how you can use music 

as a way to get to the heart of your story,

whether or not you consider yourself a "real musician."

LIFESONG is a unique multi-week intensive that introduces creative play, songwriting & storytelling as means of exploring our lives and the meaning we assign to our experiences.

Under the expert guidance of songwriters Nicole Witt and Christa Wells, and professional storyteller Johanna Middleton, you'll finally be able to explore your story in a safe space, engaging in powerful creative exercises, sifting your story for gold,

and ultimately co-writing it into a song of your own (with us!). 

  • FREE ADMISSION to Songwriting for Everyone Workshop (Aug 6)

  • ONE 30 min meet-and-greet session (mid-Aug)

  • SIX 90-min full-group sessions

  • ACCESS to our private Voxer channel

  • SIX pre-recorded songwriting tutorials

  • ONE three-hour cowriting session with two professional songwriters

  • ONE piano/vocal or guitar/vocal demo of your song

  • PRIVATE creative coaching with Christa (optional add-on)


Scroll down for LIFESONG 2022 dates + details.

We'd LOVE to have you with us!

Your life. Your story. Your song.


In LIFESONG, I was able to (with so very much help) write the song I needed to hear. Also, spending time with some beautiful souls. I had very high expectations, and they were met.


My personal belief is that every person on the planet can benefit from fostering creativity in their life. Lifesong was an incredible pathway for that aim in my life. I felt both safe/comfortable and challenged, the perfect balance.


I loved the opportunity to try my hand at songwriting in an environment where I wasn't required to sing (since my voice doesn't really want to be an instrument).

-Amy H.

My greatest takeaway from LIFESONG is just feeling included, and I 100% absolutely felt like I belonged with you all there. I felt the love even over zoom. It was better than I ever imagined....It was very special and intimate. I think LIFESONG is very unique. It helped me gain so much confidence in myself. And helped me step outside of my box, and be vulnerable.


I have never felt so welcomed by a group of women in my life. Where I felt completely safe, loved and completely there with you all. It was truly an honor and it forever changed my life. I felt like my stories were being listened to.


I've evolved and learned so much. I hope you both keep this going. Everyone needs to experience it. 

-Renea P.

Here's what you'll gain from your LIFESONG experience:


  • the power of being seen & heard

  • the pleasure of being with people who share your curiosity and courage

  • powerful, creative tools to help you connect more deeply

  • a well-crafted personal narrative of your journey

  • increased confidence in sharing your story

  • heightened clarity about the story you want to internalize & possibly share with others

  • knowledge & understanding of songwriting principles

  • practices for integrating new (& better) beliefs about yourself and the world

  • a communal experience (including live coaching calls + collaborative practice)

  • personal support from Nicole Witt, Christa Wells & Johanna Middleton

  • your own original song co-written with Christa Wells & Nicole Witt (digital file of piano or guitar/vocal demo delivered to you on completion)

  • individual coaching sessions with Christa (optional add-on)



LIFESONG will support you in taking

your real experiences and emotions + transforming them into song 

even if you’re a beginner. 


Yes, you!


Your wounds want to become wisdom.

They may just need some attention. 


And maybe you could use some support?


In case you're thinking...


But I have a day job.

I’m not a real musician.

I’m not building a music career.


Most of our mentoring work has been with people JUST LIKE YOU. 


ARTIST AND cultivates emotionally safe spaces for all people

to grow IN & THROUGH creative expression.


Music connects us at a deep level and builds conversational bridges like nothing else.


If you have a story, you have a song.


Join the next round of LIFESONG.


Play. Explore. Connect. Wonder. Reflect. Find the gold.

2022 DATES:

Sept 6, 13, 20, 27, Oct 4, Dec 6

Oct 4-Dec 6: individual cowrites


COST: $1195

(payment plan + due dates on registration form )

$100 Registration Fee (applied toward tuition)

Show yourself that you can find the beauty in your own story 

and create cosmos from chaos. 

We'll meet you there.


-christa, nicole & johanna

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