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Vaneetha Risner

Vaneetha Risner is the author of Walking Through Fire: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption in which she chronicles both her bewildering suffering and the breathtaking way Christ met her in it. She and her husband Joel live in Raleigh, NC where she blogs at

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Walking Through Fire


julianna zobrist

Social media influencer, inspirational speaker, author, and mother of three children — Julianna Zobrist — has performed at numerous charity and professional events and venues around the nation.  Julianna has made regular appearances for Gucci, Burberry, Celine, and New York and London Fashion Weeks. She sang for two World Series games, has met with Congress and two sitting U.S. Presidents, in addition to regularly speaking and singing before her many fans.  She has been featured by top media across the globe including Forbes, Huffington Post, PEOPLE Magazine, ABC News, CBS, FOX News, Sports Illustrated, Fashionista, and The Today Show, among others.

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justin mcroberts

Justin McRoberts lives in Martinez, CA, where he coaches artists, ministers and entrepreneurs. He has produced 18 musical projects since 1999 and is the author of five books, including “It Is What You Make Of It” which comes out June 1, 2021.

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scott erickson

SCOTT ERICKSON is a touring painter, performance artist, and creative curate who mixes autobiography, aesthetics, and comedic narrative to create experiences that speak to our deepest stories. 


He’s currently touring is one man show SAY YES: A Liturgy of Not Giving Up On Yourself, where he walks us through the very personal and universal conversation about the death of a dream and the overwhelming voice of Giving Up in our lives. 


He is the co-author of Prayer: Forty Days of Practice and May It Be So, the author of Honest Advent, a Spiritual Director to brave women and men, and a professional dishwasher for his food blogging wife.


Scott lives in Austin, TX with his wife and three children. 

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insta  @scottthepainter


greg cox

Greg Cox is a Grammy Award Winning Vocalist, Music Artist and Record Producer. Greg was introduced to music by his father Johnavon “Bo Peep” Sauls. As an inspiring producer, Greg began to curate his own material from a young age with elements of R&B/, Soul, and Hip Hop inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Pharrell Williams & Timbaland. However, Greg Cox’s gospel roots are continually reflected in the soulful characteristic of his R&B Fused Hip Hop music. 

Greg’s excellence in songwriting and production afforded him opportunities to tour and produce for musical legends. In 2009, Greg was featured as a key-boardist on MTV’s hit show ‘Making The Band’ with Diddy. Following the show, Greg released his first EP, “The Last Start” in 2012. Cox continued to grow an online presence through his remix of the popular classic, “Sorry Ms. Jackson” by OutKast on SoundCloud. Greg has since branched out as a performing artist, performing around the US with artists such as Kirk Franklin, Samoht, and STOUT

Greg’s latest album, ETC. was released in 2018 and made a big splash in the Indie-R&B world with its’ cutting edge modern production. His music was featured on NPR’s “10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing”. 

Greg was featured on Kirk Franklin's most recent album, "Long Live Love" for the song titled “Strong God,” which they performed together at the 50th GMA Dove® Awards and also released a music video gaining a million + views.


Greg recently released "All Alone" feat. A$H

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justin r. adams

Author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, The Mindful Life Journal: Seven Minutes a Day for a Better, More Meaningful Life, Justin R. Adams seeks out experiences that foster insight and turns those experiences into tools for waking up later in life.

“By helping others discover patterns and make unexpected connections,” he says, “I enable them to innovate their way through this giant experiment we call life.” 

His “simple yet magical” books are built at the intersection of ancient Eastern wisdom, modern Western science, and self-experimentation.

He’s currently working on his next guided writing journal, The Good Moments: A Journal for Overcoming Depression and Creating Lasting Happiness. 

If you’d like to join his Advance Team, try out the current daily entry page, and have a chance to weigh in on what works and what you’d think could be better, go to and enter your email address today!

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The Mindful Life Journal: Seven Minutes a Day for a Better, More Meaningful Life




audrey assad

Audrey Assad’s music has always been drawn from a well deep with personal experience and discovery.  With each new release, she gives listeners an honest look at the seasonal highs and lows of what has turned out to be a layered and complex spiritual journey.


The multiple Dove award nominee has never shied away from writing her wounds and struggles into her songs; instead, she seems to face her greatest trials armed with the knowledge that true healing can only take root in the soil of vulnerability

Eden places Assad’s stand-out songwriting into a sonic space as lush and warm as the garden from which the record gets its name.

“There’s a deep calm that I can hear in the lyrics,” observes Assad. “I can tell that I’ve grown, deepened, healed, and opened up quite a lot. I try never to write a song I haven’t lived in some way, so each of these songs is born of some experience in my life.”

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jocelyn carabello Boettner

15 years ago I was in a lot of physical and emotional pain and not sure how to fix it. I was outwardly successful but inside I was lost and broken.  I dove into holistic and indigenous ancient healing methods.   I travelled to remote locations and opened myself up to the wisdom and medicine in nature to heal myself.

A decade of study later with world renowned mentor’s I am a transformational coach, Breathwork master, women’s empowerment coach, yoga therapist, energy healing practitioner and modern-day shaman helping facilitate rapid transformation in others through retreats, workshops and 1 on 1 sessions. 

I work with everyone from entrepreneurs, leaders, exhausted women and mothers, victims of trauma and those who want to be the change makers. I help them to manage their energy, break toxic patterns and cycles, release trauma and trapped emotions, create boundaries and balance the demands on them personally and physically to sustain and scale their impact in the world.

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